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Anointing Crowns Since 1996.

I remember as a kid playing in hair products and thinking that while it smelled good, it did not feel good in my hair. It didn't fulfill the promises they were making.

No miracle growth. No moisture locking technology.

Just breakage and disappointment.

So I started mixing it together. 

And it still wasn't right. So I kept trying, and trying.

Until, one day I decided to create my own. 


CROWNED EMULSIONS is an all inclusive haircare brand dedicated to growing, moisturizing, and loving all forms & types of hair. From Kinks to Coils, Waves and Texturizers; CROWNED has all the products one could need to naturally and organically maintain all and any type of hair in any condition. 


CROWNED EMULSIONS is the brainchild of my seven year-old self seeing a need for myself and community and being able to fill it in a way that blesses all involved in a loving and all natural way.

 So thank you coming to my site.

I can't wait to anoint 


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